römerbergwerk meurin


We pursue a resource-conserving orientation in our production. In particular, we are committed to a responsible and future-oriented approach to raw materials. Our aim is to create building products with a long service life and good structural properties. The complete recycling of raw materials and the further improvement of the recovery of raw materials from dismantled buildings are a priority for us.


After raw material extraction, we carry out extensive measures to recultivate the mining sites.

The creation of habitats for endangered animal species during and after the extraction of raw materials is a priority for us. In recent years, there have been more than 70 proven breeding successes of the eagle owl during ongoing mining operations and further resettlements in decommissioned, recultivated sites, which are proof of the successful direction of the company policy. The provision of raw materials and the development of construction products whose environmental product declarations (EPDs) provide recognisable positive qualities for the preparation of the life-cycle assessment of construction projects is not only a marketing instrument for us, but also reflects our understanding of ecological construction.

Social Engagement

Our decision to open the historical mining site on the Trasswerke Meurin site for archaeological research and to make it accessible to the public as the MEURIN Roman mine was made for the people of our region. Guided tours and active participation in the “World of Ancient Technology” also give young people beyond our region an insight into the life and work of the ancient Romans. Our replanting work creates habitats for the wildlife and leisure activities for people in the form of fish ponds for fishing and clubhouses in nature.
Our commitment to promoting the conservation of cultural assets, exemplified by the Maria Laach Monastery, is yet another hallmark of our social responsibility.