pumix bausystem

Lightweight Concrete

Our PUMIX lightweight precision concrete and masonry blocks meet all structural specifications currently required for the construction ...

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kalksandstein teaser

Sand-lime brick

Sand and lime are mixed with the addition of water. The lime is quenched. The mixture is then pressed, formed and cured under steam ...

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tuffstein trass trasszement

Trass & Trass Cements

Tuff owes its origin to volcanic activity in the Eastern Eifel. It is referred to as trass after it has been dried and finely ground to cement ...

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Lava, Tuff & Pumice

Besides pumice and tuff, lava is the third rock of volcanic origin whose extraction, preparation and further processing is a focus of ours...

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Noise Protection

Ever-increasing noise pollution can only be remedied with effective sound-proofing measures. The noise protection elements type A, B ...

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Gardening and Landscaping Products

Through the use of purely ecological materials, MEUROFLOR products adapt perfectly to the natural environment and blend into the ...

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