Our PUMIX lightweight precision concrete and masonry blocks meet all structural specifications currently required for the construction of single-family homes and apartment buildings. A wide range of bulk densities and degrees of hardness ensures precise selection of the building materials required in each case.


The heat-insulating properties of PUMIX-MD Pro and the solid blocks HW and LB are suitable for the construction of low-energy and passive houses in single-storey and multi-storey construction.

In addition, even the highest demands on the sound insulation of house and apartment partition walls can be satisfied with blocks with an bulk density of up to 2.2 kg/dm3. The result is a construction shell structure without the risks associated with composite construction. A large number of additional components ensure thermal and acoustic bridges are avoided.

Sound-insulating, heat-saving cellar and interior wall construction materials

  • Apartment partition wall blocks
  • House partitions wall blocks

Wide range of supplementary products and special components

  • End and reveal blocks
  • Stop blocks
  • Squint blocks
  • Ceiling blocks with insulation
  • Solid bricks in 5 different degrees of strength
  • Wall construction and partition wall panels
  • Lintels and roller shutter boxes
  • Bond beams
  • Band roller boxes
  • Light mortar and thin-bed mortar
  • Height adjustment blocks
  • Arch elements
  • Gable stones
They also help to speed up the construction process. This thus guarantees the cost-effectiveness of the stonework.
PUMIX precision concrete and masonry blocks are manufactured from natural, domestic raw materials with very little energy impact. They are fully recyclable. This is our concept of modern building materials. Not only do they have beneficial functional properties, they also meet the requirements for sustainable construction throughout their entire life cycle.