Ever-increasing noise pollution can only be remedied with effective sound-proofing measures. The noise protection elements type A, B and C developed and patented by MEURIN have been tested according to ZTV-LSW06 and the applicable standards and are certified, also in terms of the CE marking.


MEURIN noise protection elements can be easily adapted to local conditions. Large, expansive elements, as well as small-format solutions, are part of our program. Noise protection elements made of concrete consist of a supporting shell made of microstructure concrete and an absorber shell made of lightweight lava concrete.

The load-bearing shell serves to accommodate the reinforcement and gives the element stability. In addition, it has a sound-absorbing effect thanks to its dense structure. The bulk porosity of the lightweight lava concrete facing shell,

the open-pored structure of the lava grain and the ribbed structure of the element, which serves to increase the surface area, all serve a to absorb sounds. This element has a sound-reflecting effect thanks to its microstructure design.

Small-format elements combine the demands for low weight, attractive appearance and a high degree of technical functionality. They represent an ideal solution, especially where a high degree of flexibility in adapting the elements to local conditions is required due to limited available space.