Sand and lime are mixed with the addition of water. The lime is quenched. The mixture is then pressed, formed and cured under steam pressure. Highly insulated sand-lime brick walls are not only used for their static function. Heavy-duty, solid sand-lime brick walls safely and economically fulfil all functions of load-bearing exterior walls or load-bearing / non-load-bearing interior walls.


Thin walls, bricks with high compressive strength and high bulk density are important prerequisites for cost-effective wall constructions for a wide range of applications. Heavy-duty sand-lime brick walls with clear functional separation of acoustic and thermal insulation are in high demand.

The usable space gained through such construction is of increasing importance, especially in multi-storey residential construction.

The MEURIN product range includes all the usual small and medium formats as masonry blocks and precision concrete blocks. In addition, MEURIN offers precision concrete elements, industrial facing bricks, veneer and external bricks.

The product range is completed by offset bricks, bond beams and lintels.